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About Peter…

I am a qualified First Class Sheet Metal Worker, specialising in stainless steel, with 38 years experience.
A motorcyclying enthusiast since the age of 12, I have been fabricating my own mufflers for some years and my friends started asking me to do the same for them. Eventually I realised there was a larger market for my skills and that I enjoyed this work more than my day job, so 10 years ago I started attending motorbike swap meets with samples of my work and eventually was able to focus on this, my favourite obsession, full-time.

I have acquired a reputation for my ability to create, for vintage motorbikes, quality mufflers and other accessories which are unavailable anywhere in the world.

I have worked from photographs, drawings, plans or damaged samples. I have a special affection for early European motorcycles. I have also fabricated some rare items for the restoration of vintage cars.

Our Business…

As I work from my home in Gympie my overheads are low, so I am able to provide top quality hand-crafted products at competitive prices. Over time I have also accumulated knowledge about how modern mufflers work and am able to modify existing systems to produce better breathing and a more pleasing sound.

I enjoy the challenge of meeting a customer’s specific design neeeds and I am more geared to this than mass-production. I can provide an estimate of cost if required and all my work is personally guaranteed.

If the bike is not required for fitting, I use Australia Post for delivery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything else you need to know.

Our Philosophy…

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