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Meerkat Crossflow

 The MEERKAT CROSSFLOW fits the 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Triumph Classic range watercooled twins (except for the Scrambler), and is available in polished, brushed or matt black finish.  (The matt black is a painted and baked commercial high-quality heat-proof finish.)
The lightweight (640 gram) MEERKAT CROSSFLOW pipe will let your Triumph 1200 Thruxton R, Thruxton, Speed Twin, Bonnie T120, Bonneville T100, Bobber, Speedmaster, Street Twin and Cup breathe and roar… a cost effective upgrade that makes a huge difference and maximises the potential of any other modifications.
Also available by special order: Meerkat Thruxton Mufflers – designed to complement the MEERKAT CROSSFLOW. The personal touch.. I personally respond to every enquiry – there is no middle man, no “I’ll have to talk to my supplier.”.  I am the guy who actually cuts and welds each MEERKAT CROSSFLOW pipe, so it starts and stops with me.  If you have a problem, a special request or a potential modification you wish to discuss, you talk to me and I am happy to accommodate your requirements. Here are the answers to some commonly-asked questions:
  • Fuelling The Dyno graphs shown are for a 2016 Thruxton R with standard tune, the only modifications are the replacement of the cat box with my MEERKAT CROSSFLOW pipe and re-coring of the standard mufflers by me to be more free-flowing with a 45mm fluted core tube.  This re-coring process is a standard Meerkat process and is available on request.
I have no connection to the bike used other than the supply of my products and no affiliation with the Dyno proprietor.  The graphs were produced to check the air/fuel ratio through the rev range on behalf of the bike owner, with pleasing results, and the sound was a bonus.  (N.B.: 75 ft-lb = 101 Nm.)
  •  Mounting To create a clean old-school look when mounted on a bike, my MEERKAT CROSSFLOW has no brackets.  It fits firm and snug in the space left by the removal of the 2.88 kg catbox, held in place by the 4 header pipes using the original clamps and seals.  Incorporated into the design are stops to ensure correct placement of the header pipes in their original position.  It represents a reduction in weight of 2.2 kgs, including the removal of the heat shield.  (The heat shield was only necessitated by the excessive heat generated by the cat and by the requirement to rubber mount the mass of the cat box).  At 640 grams and with free movement of exhaust gases, my MEERKAT CROSSFLOW requires neither rubber mounting nor heat shield.
  • Fitting Some mechanical skill is needed to remove existing cat box, then the MEERKAT CROSSFLOW fits straight in.
  • My Design My design uses 42mm 304 grade stainless steel tube which allows maximum gas interchange and the exhaust gases and pulses to flow and blend in a linear progression in a less pressurised space.  This deepens the overall exhaust note (each pulse breathing into two outlets in turn, a common principle found in performance systems on Ducati, Moto Guzzi and BMW). Don’t be fooled by the simplistic concept, there is more going on than meets the eye.
  • Re-Mapping Bike shops have reported that, as demonstrated in the dyno graph shown, nothing more is necessary to accommodate the MEERKAT CROSSFLOW than an ECU re-boot.
  • Pricing: Australia: $300 + Free Postage New Zealand: $300 AUD + $20 Postage Elsewhere: $300 AUD + $40 Postage (Postage is Express Post) (There is a postage cost advantage to overseas customers with orders for multiple units )
  • Ordering: Use the “Shop” tab on this website or email me using the “Contact” tab.
  • Payment: Australian customers: Bank Transfer Overseas customers: PayPal